Konstantin Usov was born on May 14, 1971.

At the age of fifteen the author became aware of a need for something more than what ordinary life could provide and began his search for the meaning of existence.

Having passed through a number of trials, privations and hardships in the course of his search, he came upon a Sufi master and set out on the path of a spiritual and mystical quest.

At the age of forty-six Konstantin Usov became a master of the Sufi path and opened Sufi School International Spiritual and Mystical Practices, where he conducts training for those who seek to understand their own nature and to learn the Truth.

Last year, the Master wrote “A Book for Princesses and Sufis”, which is a brief autobiography. A separate section of the book is devoted to practices withing the Sufi path, and inner obstacles that may impede the student’s progress.

Sufi School International Spiritual and Mystical Practices presents a system of teaching the spiritual and mystical Path and gives the opportunity to those who need it to gain personal experience.

The practices used have been adapted for teaching the modern person according to their inner state.

The selection of practices accounts for the student’s personal degree of preparation and potential, making the teaching process at the School individual and flexible.

The working style of the Master emphasizes maximum practice, direct transfer of energy, clarity of presentation, and the beauty of advancement.

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