I flew back to Kazakhstan, wrote out those extra details, changed the slide multiple times, until I got my ideal Princess. I met Lyubov, from the Moscow suburbs, online. I fly to Moscow, call Lyubov and invite her over. When I saw her I immediately realized she was exactly as I had described, there was nothing to add to her, and nothing to take away. I invited Lyubov to my new studio apartment, which still contained nothing but empty cardboard boxes. I had known her only a couple of hours, while we went out for food and wine. She comes into the room and says: “This is where I’ll put the baby’s cot, and the wardrobe will go here. We’ll have to make a list of everything we need to buy.”

By the time of my next visit to Moscow she’d organized the registry office, the photographer, the video, the restaurant, the limousine, the rings, the dress, all the other things you need for a wedding, and even a korovai. All I had to do was marry her.

The matter of my family life had finally been resolved, I had found my Princess! When I looked at her I knew that there could never be any misunderstanding between us, no scandals or jealousy or hysterics, it was like she was a part of me.