1.     Take a comfortable seat on a chair, keep your back straight, close your eyes, be quiet.

2.     Direct your attention inside of your Heart.

3.     Do a little moving of your body for each repetition of the Name of God.

4.     Repeat the Name of God inside of your Heart:

        - The Loving One (the All-Wise) for 10 minutes.

        - The All-Truth for 10 minutes.

5.     Sit with your eyes closed for 1 minute.


Point 3 – the moving of your body is not so intensive; your attention shall be always inside of your Heart.

Point 4:

- repeat the Name of God loudly, by whispering or silently;

- choose the type of Dhikr and also a rhythm by your intuition, when you see more energy comes to your Heart;

- see the meanings of the Name on your mental screen;

- do not think about the meanings, just see, when these meanings come;

- when new meanings of the Name stop coming, just repeat the Name of God inside of your Heart;

- when you finish repetition of the Name, do a deep inhale and exhale;

- in order to achieve the most efficiency, start each day with the mystical practice of Dhikr.



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