Humming is one of the preliminary practices, which is done in the beginning.

It allows you to increase the sensitivity inside of your body and brings a relaxing effect.

Try to think about nothing during the practice.

Just make humming sounds, become an empty channel through which sound flows and which brings vibration.

Do not force the end of your exhale.

If you feel that you are running out of breath, just inhale and continue humming.

Gradually, in the process of entering the practice, the tone and the depth of your humming will be changed and you will be able to do a humming sound longer.


1.     Set an alarm clock or timer for 20 minutes, or turn on music for 20 minutes.

2.     Take a comfortable seat on a chair, keep your back straight, close your eyes, be quiet.

3.     Take a deep breath and exhale slowly through the nose with humming.

4.     Continue making humming sounds until the signal or until the music stops.

5.     Sit with your eyes closed for several minutes and observe your internal sensations.

6.     Inhale – exhale.


When the tongue is down, vibrations go to the torso.

When the tongue is up, vibrations go to the head.

Direct the vibrations to the torso or to the head.



Video – Spiritual practice of Humming