My name is Konstantin.

I am going to present the Sufi School Spiritual and Mystical Practices.

I created my School in order to spread around the World on many languages the Sufi Way of Western tradition.

If you want to know more about me, you can read my Book for Princesses and Sufis.

This is my short autobiography, and you can find this book on my site.

In my book I wrote, that everybody can go to God.

Also, in my book I showed, how the life of ordinary people can be changed, when they start to study in the real Sufi school.

Sufi School Spiritual and Mystical Practices presents the system of practices.

The practices can be spiritual, and the practices can be mystical.

When you are doing a spiritual practice – you use your own energy for working on yourself.

When you are doing a mystical practice – you use energy from the higher levels of being, for working on yourself.

All practices in my School can be divided into 6 parts:

1.     Practices of awareness.

2.     Practices of expression.

3.     Working with energy centers.

4.     Working with mental plane and mystical signs.

5.     Interaction with God.

6.     Transmissions – this is direct influence to your being.

All the practices in my School are related to objective Knowledge.

All the practices in my School are adapted for education of modern people in accordance with the Sufi principle: «The time – The place – The people».

You can find my contacts on my site.

You can write me letter or you can telephone me.


Question: who is your Master?

My Master is Ruslan Zhukovets, Sufi School Upward Stream, Moscow.


Question: what does the Sufi Way of Western tradition mean?

One hundred years ago, any Sufi Way was hidden inside of Islam.

This was a top secret.

It was absolutely impossible for people from the West to study in a real Sufi school.

At the beginning of the XX century, George Gurdjieff showed to people from the West, that there is some Teaching, the highest Teaching exists.

At the middle of the XX century, Idries Shah wrote a lot of books about Sufi Way, and he spread his books around the World.

At the end of XX century, and at the beginning of the XXI century, Ruslan Zhukovets created Teaching, created Sufi School Upward Stream, in Moscow, developed a lot of Sufi practices, wrote a lot of books about Sufi Way.

I am going to develop the Sufi Way of Western tradition around the World.


Question: how is education in your School organized?

Preliminary course of education is 18 weeks.

During this course you are doing simple practices.


1.     You are doing every day practice, which I choose especially for you in accordance with your internal state.

2.     You are doing mystical practice of Dhikr; the Name of God I choose especially for you in accordance with your internal state. You are doing this Dhikr every day during 6 weeks, 15 minutes a day. After, I choose for you other name of God.

3.     Practices of expression with music, you are doing one time a week.

4.     Internal Heart Prayer, you are doing always when you are walking. I will teach you, how to do this practice.

5.     Transmissions, one time a week. It means, that I will give you energy one time a week.

6.     Dhikr on distance, one time a week.

7.     Lessons, books, articles, parables, poems and films. All these materials are related to your study in my Sufi School.


Question: why always, at all times just a few people study on the real Way?

When you meet objective Knowledge the first time, you create a really great resistance to this Knowledge. This is the nature of human.

This is the reason, why majority of people never start real working on themselves. Even if they start real, objective working on themselves, they almost immediately stop.

But also, the nature of human is, that if you start to study in a real Sufi school, and you receive objective Knowledge, and you create this really great resistance to this Knowledge, and you continue to study, during one month and a half, this resistance disappear. In this case you have possibility to continue your education.


Question: why books about spiritual and mystical practices are generally confusing?

The first reason – these books are generally written by people, who understand nothing about spiritual and mystical practices.

The second reason – these books are written by people who are really high, who understand a lot about spiritual and mystical practices, and these books are really difficult to understand.

But there are exceptions. On my site there are books, really simple books for understanding, and I am going to upload more books, and all of them will be understandable. They will explain really clearly the Sufi Way, spiritual and mystical practices.


Question: what is the price for education in your School?

When you are doing preliminary practices during 18 weeks, this is free, you pay nothing.

After, I have to work, I have to speak with you by Skype, I have to choose practices for you, I spend my time, I will answer to your letters.

So, after 18 weeks, everybody pays exactly as he or she can pay, or exactly as they want.

Sometimes people cannot pay, there is no money at all.

In this case they can work in my School.

They can do translations; they can do computer graphics, or something like that.

Everybody does what he or she can.


Question: how can I be sure that you are a real Master?

My energy is objective. My energy cannot be hidden.

You just choose any practice from my site and do this practice.

You can do this practice by yourself, or you can do this practice together with me.

And you will understand, and you will see everything by yourself.

That is all.


Video — About Sufi School Spiritual and Mystical Practices